Tensar International is a world leader and expert in technology driven solutions for ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement.

Tensar products and systems are designed to optimize, stabilize and/or preserve civil works structures. In general Tensar grids are used in many applications to enhance soil behaviour by providing safe and cost-effective reinforced and stabilised soil structures.

Tensar supplies geosynthetic products and provides proven practical solutions for poor soil conditions affecting the cost of railways, roads and paved areas. The company also offers products for earth retaining walls and slopes, subgrade improvement and stabilisation, foundations, reinforcement of asphalt to extend pavement life and erosion protection products for soil slopes and waterways.

We have over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, developing and designing innovative, sustainable construction solutions as an alternative to traditional methods.  In that time our geogrid and geotextile products and systems have been rigorously tested by national authorities, leading universities and independent laboratories.

These high performance solutions have been used in thousands of civil engineering projects across the globe, from roads, runways, embankments, working platforms, railways, ports, housing, retail and commercial developments to mining, erosion prevention and waste industry applications. In fact, wherever grade changes require retaining walls or slopes, weak ground needs stabilising or asphalt pavements needs reinforcing for better performance, Tensar International has the answer.

Real Savings

Tensar Technology is all about helping you save time, reduce costs and realise major environmental benefits by solving complex construction problems simply. Using our innovative, proven technologies, extensive industry experience and know-how we can improve the bottom line on your project.

Our extensive world-wide network of sales offices, manufacturing facilities and distributors offers you full support too, while our team of design and applications engineers can work with you from the outset to help you achieve your objectives on time and within budget.


From major highways to heavy-duty haul roads, Tensar’s Geogrid Technology and asphalt reinforcement technology are proven solutions that decrease material costs, increase pavement life, and reduce maintenance and rehabilitation. Geogrids are commonly used to stabilized poor soils during sitework. In pavement structures, Tensar geogrids create a “snowshoe effect” over the underlying subgrade by locking aggregate particles more efficiently during compaction, stiffening granular materials and reducing subgrade stress. Asphalt interlayers provide the function of reinforcement, waterproofing, and/or reflective crack mitigation to extend maintenance intervals.


Tensar geogrids are used to stabilize the trackbed structure in two ways: sub-ballast and ballast stabilization. In sub-ballast stabilization, geogrid is installed at the bottom of the sub-ballast. The geogrid distributes the imposed loads more efficiently over the underlying subgrade, leading to a reduction in the required sub-ballast layer thickness. With ballast stabilization, the geogrid is installed between the ballast and sub-ballast layers. This limits lateral spread and thereby minimizes track settlement. Given a specific set of soil and proposed loading conditions, a full rail track design section can be developed by Tensar to include a track bed section in full compliance with regulatory guidelines (e.g. AREMA).     Beyond the stabilization and cost efficiency benefits for trackbed development and maintenance, using Tensar geogrids supports rail asset resilience. Infrequent, large-scale events can cause enormous disruption and damage. In such situations, geogrid is an essential tool for minimizing infrastructure damage, reducing transport disruption and improving response and recovery time for rail..


Tensar can help. With a wide variety of offerings for retaining walls and reinforced slopes, Tensar’s grade separation solutions combine blocks and connectors with resilient, high-strength uniaxial (UX) geogrids. These aesthetically-appealing solutions are designed as comprehensive systems, so you never need to worry about whether the parts will come together easily into the greater whole. And if that’s not enough, Tensar’s wall and slope solutions can also offer substantial time and cost savings, bringing greater total value to your project. Tensar’s reinforced soil slope (RSS) solutions are stabilized with geogrids to provide long-term durability and structural integrity that you can rely on. These solutions often cost less than conventional concrete walls thanks to reduced fill requirements and the allowed use of on-site fills. In fact, our RSS installations typically cost 30-60% less than conventional concrete wall methods and have been used in commercial and industrial, transportation, utility and residential applications worldwide. Our RSS solutions offer a wide variety of facing options to satisfy aesthetic or environmental needs.


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