Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) Ltd. of United Kingdom created the market for incursion warning systems in the UK which are now recognized as industry best practice. The main aim is to provide an instant warning to roadworkers when all other control measures fail. A secondary aim is to remove personnel from areas of potential confrontation which reduces risk as well as cost and carbon emissions. HRS Ltd. Incursion Prevention & Warning system comprises of four key elements which are complementary and designed to suit most traffic management scenarios.

IIPAWS is a highly sophisticated, digitally-enabled device that sits on top of road cones, creating a digital layer of protection around a work zone to keep it safe. It is ready at all times to warn the work force of an incursion and can also sound an alarm.

IIPAWS can be placed anywhere around, in or near a work zone, including at access points, closure points and checkpoints.

Key Benefits:
  • Increased employee safety
  • Prevention of work zone incursions
  • Improved customer and road user safety
  • Employees protected from confrontation
  • Improved operational efficiency

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