HYGT CHEMICAL It is born as a project of professionals from various chemical companies with extensive experience in the industry and is conceived with the objective of manufacturing and marketing industrial chemicals for the oil, mining and road construction industry, etc.

In recent years and with an emphasis on technical and commercial innovation, we have managed to provide solutions to our customers, consolidating a position in the market for chemical specialties, with the aim of perpetuating the quality of our products and the agility of the service. At HYGT CHEMICAL we have a solid team of professionals specialized in the following areas: Technical development, industrial development, technical and commercial advice, all of which are trained to guide the customer in the benefits of using our chemical specialties, trying to promote alternatives to the measure of each company to add value to each of their projects.

HYGT-SS21® is a Eco-Friendly Polymer for Sand Stabilization & Dust Control.

HYGT-SS21® is a Sand Stabilizing product designed for Engineering purposes. It has been formulated, tested and applied effectively in Coarse Grained Soils and soils with low fine content. Silty Soils, Sandy Soils and Gravelly Soils turned into a “Mass” linked with SS21. This process can also be undone, easily returning to the original situation using our other products.

Roads Engineering:  HYGT-SS21® has been successfully  used in Roads build-up for Roads, Highways, Site Access in Oil & Gas, Mining and General Civil Engineering Works.  This product is simply applied in the compaction water, mixed. As well, can be sprayed over the soil surface. Specifications depends on the use.



HYGT-SS21® is an eco-friendly polymer for stabilization and dust-control of granular soils and soil mixes, with reduced amount of fines. HYGT-SS21® can be used as a Stabilizer mixing it with the water added to the soil during a normal earthworks compaction process. In this case, can be considered as a “Water additive”, easy to be applied, and with several fields of application. The product will improve considerably the strength, deformation, durability, dust-control and waterproof properties of build-up. HYGT-SS21® can be used as Dust-Control, mixed with water and sprayed over the surface to coat. The application will create a relative hydrophobic/waterproof surface, and will keep the particles together, allowing a considerable reduction in the suspended particles coming out from the soil surface. HYGT-SS21® is considers “Sand Stabilization / Sand-Control” as a representative name of “Granular Soil Stabilization / Dust-Control of Granular soils” to be easily linked with granular soils. As said before, can be used in other granular soils, not only sands. Soils that fall in the category of A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4 according to H.R.B.(ASTM D3282) or G, S & M, according to U.S.C.S.(ASTM D 2487) are the target group of soils for the application of the product.


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